Brazilian DNA, a passion for the hair-styling sector and a lot of experience in the field: this is how Lucente Cosmetici was founded.

Lucente Cosmetici was founded in Zurich in 2018 thanks to the idea of Alice Lucente, a Brazilian manager who lives in Switzerland for many years, and her husband Antonio, a manager too.

A hairdresser by training, Alice has always tried to understand the formulas behind which the most successful products in her sector are hidden. Her previous knowledge of the Brazilian cosmetics market and the main properties of many plants in her country of origin, allowed her to acquire the know-how to launch Lucente Cosmetics.

Antonio Lucente, although coming from other fields of work, supported his wife in the management of the company, offering his important knowledge of sales channels and his acquired know-how.

The line consists of 7 products (actually 8, but two are a combination of each other), all containing ingredients of Brazilian origin, some of which are still little known in the European market.

Die Produkte basieren auf Prinzipien von:


absolute refinement of the components and high attention to the preparation phase


the products are the exclusive prerogative of professionals in the sectora


immediate, evident results with guaranteed durability

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